Xinyue, the world’s largest silicon wafer manufacturer, announced price increase: related to China’s demand

In the past six months, the global semiconductor industry has faced the problem of short capacity and material price rise. Recently, shinyue, Japan, has announced a 10-20 increase in the price of its silicon products, which is the first time in 2017. Sinyue said on its official website that the cost of silicon, the main raw material of silicone, is rising, coupled with strong growth in demand in China, leading to supply shortages and rising production costs.

In addition, due to the shortage of supply, methanol cost and catalyst raw material cost (including platinum cost) are also increasing, and cost factors such as logistics cost and secondary material cost are also increasing, and have become the factors that have pressure on the income.

Xinyue, the world's largest silicon wafer manufacturer, announced price increase: related to China's demand

Shinyue said it was difficult to digest these costs by reducing manufacturing costs alone, so it had to raise the price of all silicon products.

The data show that Xinyue chemical was founded in 1926, and its main products include PVC, organosilicon, semiconductor silicon, cellulose derivatives, rare earth magnets and other materials.

Among them, in the semiconductor silicon chip market, Xinyue chemical is currently the largest supplier in the world, with a share of 29.4, Japan’s Shenggao share of 21.9 and the second in the world.

However, with the acquisition of the fourth largest manufacturer of silicon Ag by the original third largest silicon wafer manufacturer, the merged company will surpass Shenggao to become the second, with a share of 26.7, next to Xinyue chemical.