Yang Li’s endorsement of Intel leads to controversy

Talk show actor Yang Li's sentence "men are so ordinary but so confident" once caused controversy, but I succeeded in getting out of the circle. Recently, because of the promotion of Intel notebook, Yang Li was boycotted by many male netizens. Subsequently, Intel took Yang Li's endorsement information off the shelves. Many dissatisfied netizens are still questioning Intel China official micro message.

On March 18, Intel consumer products official micro @ Intel xinpinhui released Yang Li’s promotion of Intel notebook computers, with a copy of “see how gold medal investor Yang Li rehabilitates workplace computers.”. It can be seen from the published content that Yang Li’s endorsement is still his usual speech technique in the talk show: Intel’s vision is too high, which is higher than my vision of choosing the object.

Yang Li's endorsement of Intel leads to controversy

Shortly after the microblog was released, many male netizens resisted, saying that Yang Li’s talk show created traffic by provoking antagonism between men and women and was not qualified to act as a spokesperson for male dominated computer products. Some netizens think that Yang Li’s talk show is to insult men to create laughter and gimmicks, and said that he would refuse to use Intel’s products in the future. The reporter noticed that many netizens’ comments were quite extreme, even with obvious personal attacks.

Yang Li's endorsement of Intel leads to controversy

Some resist and some support it. A group of netizens who supported Yang Li from the perspective of women said that in the past, talk shows were mainly male, and there were many jokes that mocked women. As a female talk show actress, Yang Li only pointed out some men’s problems, let alone insults. There are also voices that the men who boycott Yang Li are too small-minded, claiming that “Intel is mainly for male users” are engaging in gender discrimination.

Yang Li's endorsement of Intel leads to controversy

The reporter noted that as of press time, @ Intel Core products and @ Intel China deleted all Yang Li related publicity information, and did not respond to the dispute. Yang Li himself did not respond to the matter.

At the same time, Intel’s official Taobao store also pulled down posters related to Yang Li.

It’s not the first time Yang Li has been in trouble. As early as last year, when I participated in the talk show conference, although I was out of the circle because of “men are so ordinary but so confident”, many male netizens questioned me. In last year’s talk show anti new year, she once again made fun of men.

When she talked about offending many men by saying “so ordinary but so confident”, she said, “you guys are too hard to please. If I say you are a “garbage”, you will not be happy. But if I say you are a good person, you will feel that I am insulting you. Now I say you are an ordinary person, you will not be happy. So who are you? “Seeing benevolence” is a matter of seeing wisdom… “