Yingling Temple novice quick start Yingling Temple introduction

Recently, a multiplayer survival game suddenly intruded into our sight. The seemingly crude painting style suddenly reached the top of steam bestseller list. Many players are wondering what magic this game has. Today, I'd like to talk about the quick skills of this game.

Fantastic and magnificent Nordic background

Yingling Temple novice quick start Yingling Temple introduction

In Nordic mythology, only those who died in the war can be called heroes, and players play such a role and come to this world. In the game, players will not only encounter some common survival problems, but also encounter some monsters from Nordic mythology, such as one eyed troll, or a huge sea dragon suddenly appears on the calm lake.

Yingling Temple novice quick start Yingling Temple introduction

Although the picture is simple, the game still presents us a world full of imagination.

Yingling Temple novice quick start Yingling Temple introduction

How to get started quickly

Yingling Temple novice quick start Yingling Temple introduction

Self built server

Yingling Temple novice quick start Yingling Temple introduction

The game is mainly a multiplayer game (unless you are a lonely liver emperor), so you need to contact your friends to open a room to build a new world, and try to find friends with better network. If the network situation is poor and the delay is high, you may as well try to use the accelerator. The author himself uses the Qiyou accelerator, the effect is stable, I recommend:

Yingling Temple novice quick start Yingling Temple introduction

Qiyou accelerator official website: HTTPS: www.qiyou.cnspecialsgeneralcid962

Yingling Temple novice quick start Yingling Temple introduction

Players need to check the “novice friends” column in order to get into the world.

Game objectives

Although the game is a relatively free sandbox survival game, it also gives a relatively clear goal. Players need to help rebuild a new order in this place called Yingling hall, so they need to defeat five bosses, namely:

These five bosses have their own spheres of influence, that is, the maps in the game, and their risk levels are increasing in turn. They are:

Qingqing grassland dark forest mountain muddy swamp cold snow mountain north wind plain


In the early stage of the game, we still adhere to the first principle of sandbox game: to get rich, we must first make trees. However, it should be noted that the gravity system of the game is a bit weird. You need to pay attention to it when you roll trees. Otherwise, the following figure is a wrong demonstration:

In the early stage, it was mainly the groping stage. At this stage, you can release yourself completely, but you need to pay attention to a few points. In the early stage, you can see deer killing deer, pigs killing pigs and birds killing birds. Among them, deer and pigs can provide very good food sources and raw materials for making equipment, while bird feathers are almost the only source of bow and arrow in the early stage.

When you have skin armor and bow, the first boss will be easy to fight. Just surround and fight with your little friends.

In this part, basically everyone has already started.

In the early stage of the second boss’s preparation, first of all, he used the materials from the first boss to make a antler pick, and then went to the dark forest mountain to mine and kill the troll. The troll used a bow and arrow kite to kill and make a troll suit.

The second boss will give a key after playing. After getting the key, you can go to the muddy swamp, and then go to the underground sanctuary. The iron ore inside can upgrade your pick to an iron pick. After getting the iron pick, you can go to the snow mountain for a stroll. Go there to look for a silver mine (note that the wolf attack in the snow mountain is very high). If you think it’s too hard, you can get the third boss first. (hit the boss with a frost arrow)

Here’s a trick. If you and your teammates are strong enough, you can make some wolves first. Wolf skin can be made into a wolf skin Cape. In this way, you won’t be afraid of being frozen in the snow mountain. Then you can find the fourth boss of dragon brush.

After killing the fourth boss, there is only the last one left. Before fighting this boss, we must pay attention to the fact that there are a group of killer bees wandering in the north wind plain. We must be careful, or we will suffer a big loss.

The main purpose of Beifeng plain is to find the goblins. The goblins will drop black gold. The black gold can synthesize a black gold suit. After getting the black gold suit, they can start to fight the fifth boss.


Generally speaking, as a game made by a five person team, although the game still has many inconveniences and the picture quality is a little poor, from the perspective of game concept and game design, they have successfully grasped the most core part of the game. In contrast, in China, what we are lagging behind is not a technical problem.