“Z-up” and Patrick sports shoes reveal three body styles, both form and spirit

"Mobile fighter z-gunda" has launched sports shoes in conjunction with French sports shoe brand Patrick. There are three styles of z-gunda, hundred style and mental power. They have both color, temperament and spirit. They are cool. Let's get to know them together.

┬ĚThe linkage sports shoes are from the “marathon” leisure sports shoes of Patrick, which are popular with fans. They are divided into three styles: zigota, Baishi and spirituality. The theme color dots are all in the main color of linkage body, which have their own characteristics and are cool and practical.

┬ĚThe price of the three body styles of “z-up” and “Patrick” sports shoes is 22550 yen. They are scheduled to be put on sale tomorrow, March 22. Interested fans can pay attention to the official page: Click to enter.