Zoo star’s “Southeast Asia animal pack” DLC launched

According to frontier developments, DLC, the zoo star "Southeast Asian animal pack", is currently on the steam mall page, which is expected to be available on March 30, 2021, and will contain eight amazing creatures and a new level.

“Zoo star” Southeast Asian animal bag Trailer:

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Screenshot of steam mall page:

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Discover all kinds of beautiful animals

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With the zoo star Southeast Asian animal bag, our real and incomparable zoo simulation experience will be further expanded! In the game’s first downloadable content focused on animals, discover a variety of unique animals from an active continent. This package contains eight amazing creatures, each with its charming behavior to be observed and unique needs to be met. They are the latest animals to join the zoo star.

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At the same time, we have added a new level for you to challenge. Located in a deep part of Malaysia, this pass is the best place to display the wonderful animals in this bag. Get the Southeast Asian animal bag now and start building the best zoo in your mind.

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Welcome to 8 new animals

Ready to feed seven wonderful habitat animals and an amazing display animal, all of them were born in Southeast Asia. The bag contains Malay bear, cloudleopard, Malay tapir, Rhinopithecus, North Sulawesi puffer, beaver, East Asian jackal and Malaysian giant leaves. You will build beautiful habitats for them, make them happy with a variety of enrichment projects, and lead visitors to know them.

A glimpse of the mysterious veil of cloudleopard, a beautiful cat with spots, usually lives alone and has a hidden trace. Few people have seen them in the wild. Watch the energetic bear play with his companions, and climb up the tall trees. Feed the rhinonosed monkeys to their favorite food.

Build an ideal display area where the masquerade expert, giant leaves of Malaysia, can hide in it. Listen to the unique whistle of the Jackal group when they communicate with each other. Take care of these animals and other species, accompany them through the life cycle, help them thrive in the garden, or put them back into the wild.

The new level is waiting for you

Haiwan hebat zoo needs your help! The Malay name of the zoo can be roughly translated into “big zoo”, which was previously a problem in capital when the park was expanding. Now, the opportunity to complete the task in time falls to you. Located in the core of the state of thunderbolt, Malaysia, the zoo is surrounded by amazing rainforest flora. Your job is to complete the unfinished habitat, to raise new animals, to recruit competent employees, and then to open the grand opening ceremony to welcome visitors from all over the world.

Success depends on whether you can build a profitable zoo with animal welfare in the first place. We should make meaningful contributions to the management of wildlife park by making good use of all existing scenery components, as well as the detailed construction and landscape tools based on the components. In addition to being the ideal home for eight new animals in this package, you can add any existing animal from zoo star to the zoo, such as the elephant of India, alligator and gorilla in the western lowland.

DLC, the zoo star “Southeast Asian animal pack”, has been on the steam mall page, and is expected to be on the market on March 30, 2021. Interested players can click here to get the link to the steam mall.